A Facial is one of the most relaxing and refreshing things you can do for yourself and your face.

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 All of our Facials are customized and blended with herbs, flower tops and other natural ingredents to match your specific skin conditions.
 Whether it is acne, large pores, roscea, menopausal or very sensitive skin  etc


 I can treat it !!.

What is included with a Facial?

  • Our Facials are custom blended treatments for your skin. We do an extensive 11 step process customized for your skin condition:
     double cleansing; 2 types of exfoliation; a face serum; massage to face; eye treatment; lip treatment; and appropriate mask;  finally a moisturizer to keep skin hydrated. We also do a foot and hand massage while you are relaxing with your facial!!

What does a facial do?

  • A facial exercises the skin, it removes a tiny top layer of dead skin which stimulates new elastin and collagen. It evens out skin tones and does a pore cleansing which removes dead skin from pores to give an all over toning effect. 
  • Cells are formed five layers down at dermus level then migrate to top about every 40 days. Therefore a facial will remove the dead skin and the new will emerge. (Weekly exfoliation is important at home and should always be followed by a mask.)

What does massage do?

  • A massage will relax you and help the products go deep into your skin.  It breaks down fatty deposits and nourishes the skin by bringing blood to the surface.


To fit into your busy schedule - A PA licensed Esthetician with over 20 years Nursing and esthics experience. We will pamper you here in our Spa

Iím more than a facialist.
   Iím also a nurse and will pamper you

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